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Jewelry is exchanged to mark life’s most important moments. Charms correspond with birthdays, brooches are presented for graduations, rings signify romantic commitment and necklaces are gifted ‘just because’. While the sentimental significance of the events that shaped your collection are invaluable, if they become lost or damaged, the actual price to replace them cause sticker shock. Too many local residents discover their keepsakes are not adequately covered only when undesirable circumstances like theft, flood and fire arise. Standard home and apartment insurance packages will not cover the full value required to restore these unfortune victim’s collections. As part of our commitment to help our clients protect what matters most, at Child and Genovese Insurance Agency, we create packages of jewelry insurance in Hingham that allow you wear, store and display your mementos with confidence and peace of mind.

Part of what makes jewelry special is an artist’s ability to craft compact pieces that stun onlookers through their mastery of precious stones and metals in a limited amount of space. Costly composition of materials and portability also position pieces of fine jewelry as prime targets for criminals. Surprisingly, the biggest threat to local jewelry collectors is often right in their own home. At Child and Genovese Insurance Agency, jewelry falling down the drains of sinks, bathtubs and even toilets make up a large portion of our claims for jewelry insurance in Hingham. It isn’t hard to imagine how you and your significant other would feel if one of your tokens of devotion were to find its way into a plumbing system. Having the foresight to properly insure your wedding rings and other pieces of your collection can save you and your partner emotional and financial hardship.

At Child-Genovese Insurance Agency we’ve been helping our loyal clients protect what matters most with jewelry insurance in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and throughout New England for over a century.

We understand that a comprehensive package of jewelry insurance in Hingham is just one facet of protection for your collection. Employing proper storage and display techniques can prevent a loss before it occurs. At Child and Genovese Insurance Agency, over a century of experience providing jewelry insurance in Hingham, across Massachusetts and throughout New England has afforded us with unique insights into the most effective ways to care for your collection. You can begin taking some simple steps right away. Catalogue your inventory by taking high-resolution photos with your smartphone. When you buy jewelry or have it repaired, be sure to keep a detailed receipt from the store. Jewelry that is seldom worn should be stored in a safe-deposit box. When your traveling, make an effort to assess which pieces you plan to wear, and leave the rest at home. Keep luggage that contains jewelry on your person.

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Additional Jewelry Business Coverage Options

Here's a helpful list of additional coverages that we can use to help customize your jewelers' insurance policy.

Jewelry Stock Protection

These specialized insurance policies cover loss, theft, and damage to jewelry stock, ensuring that your precious assets are protected. 

Employment Practices Liability

Protection from the financial consequences associated with a variety of employment-related lawsuits.

Data Breach & Cyber Related Protection

Coverage for data compromise, e-commerce, computer fraud/funds transfer fraud, and identity fraud expense.

Stock Disappearance

Covers unexplained losses other than those discovered taking inventory or from packages received in good condition.

Appraisal Liability

Covers errors or omissions in performing written appraisals on jewelry.


Covers loss or damage to property belonging to others not in the jewelry trade that is being worked on.

Trade shows

Additional protection provided while attending jewelry industry events, as well as your time traveling to and from them.

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